INDIFFERENCE and GREED: Profit Over People, Profit Over Lives

Once again we see what for-profit private prisons (corporations) are doing to boost profit. Millions of voters and conservative politicians claim that private enterprise, when deregulated and/or allowed to oversee themselves will do what’s best for the people, and do better than the (Federal) government with all its regulations and oversight. Yet study is yet another example of that shows otherwise. It’s the same problem with our private “healthcare” corporations in the U.S.—profit over people, profit over lives.

By and large, corporations are concerned with, not people or reasonable profit, but high profit alone—and as high as they can get it by hook or crook. Deregulate Wall Street? Abolish public schools? Abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Abolish the ACA? Take away healthcare for millions of people? These are the goals of the present administration and Congress. Profit over people, profit over lives.

President Obama was trying to phase out private prisons and detention centers (human warehouses) at least on the federal level, but Trump wants more of them to warehouse more people. More profit! More profit! —Author

From The Guardian —

Immigrant detention centers marred by ‘needless deaths’ amid poor care – report

immigration prisons2imageThis report cites a ‘systemic failure’ to provide adequate medical care to detainees with health issues and warns Trump’s desire to expand capacity would make it worse.  .  .

Raúl Ernesto Morales-Ramos, detained in California and ravaged by cancer, begged for treatment. He was given ibuprofen.

Tiombe Kimana Carlos, detained in New York with chronic schizophrenia, was held in solitary confinement. She made a noose from a sheet.

Manuel Cota-Domingo, detained in Arizona with untreated diabetes and pneumonia, began to have trouble breathing. Staff dithered over who should call 911.

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  1. BroadBlogs
    May 14, 2017 @ 23:08:20

    “Deregulate Wall Street? Abolish public schools? Abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Abolish the ACA? Take away healthcare for millions of people? ”

    Crazy that this hurts so many Trump voters yet they keep defending him. And sad (to use his words).

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    • Max T. Furr
      May 15, 2017 @ 16:31:50

      Yes it is. The worst part is that Republican politicians are taking advantage of the poorly educated (non pejorative)–those most susceptible to be led by emotion. The politicians who are taking advantage, I suspect, are poorly educated as well. One can be highly educated in specific fields, but have little education in Humanities.

      The most fascinating thing to me, however, is that, in my novel, I factually described the rise of the neoconservatives and the spreading of their political philosophy throughout the Republican Party and how they came back to power after the Obama years, This was long before even the primaries and general elections.

      What is happening now appears to follow the story line quite closely.

      Let’s hope that the increasing weather disasters, food shortages, droughts and rising oceans don’t convince them that these are signs of the Time of Sorrows as the biblical apocalypse draws near, moving them to continue following my story line straight into a theocratic-corporatocracy.



  2. Philip Ruskins
    Oct 13, 2017 @ 13:28:44

    Very awakening!

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    • Max T. Furr
      Oct 15, 2017 @ 11:56:04

      Yes it is, Philip. As well, under the Reagan Administration, the Republicans officially initiated a program of Supply-Side Economics , which has three main parts (some elements had been put in place as early as the late 60s when Republicans were gaining more power in congress as the neoconservatives gaining power):

      1. Increase the wealth of the wealthy, partly by huge tax cuts, claiming that such an action will give them the monetary incentive to build more factories and create more jobs for the workers. They don’t mention the fact that the wealthy can already get the best interest rates on loans and build all the factories they want;

      2. Deregulate Industry/Wall Street and trust that corporations, especially the huge financial institutions, will police themselves, self-regulate and make loans easier to get to help everyone. Of course, this only provides industry with a much larger, relatively cheep work force–helped greatly by the third part below;

      3. Suppress wages, claiming that if corporations were forced to pay their lowest tier employees a living wage it would kill jobs. This strategy, of course, hinges on weakening or destroying workers unions. Such unions tend to raise worker income across the nation even in non union companies.

      Keeping a relatively cheep, large workforce also means abolishing or undermining public schools by bleeding off their of capital with programs like private/religious school vouchers, blocking efforts to make higher education affordable to everyone, and deeply cutting or killing the Social Safety Net (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security).

      The overall mantra of conservatives is “free market capitalism.” At least half of the public really don’t really understand what that means. Some conservative commentators have admitted what virtually all in conservative politicians already believe–Greed is good!



  3. Max T. Furr
    Oct 15, 2017 @ 13:12:52

    You are quite welcome, Philip.



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