The Woman Who Should be President!

Who, among the Democratic presidential hopefuls, has the best policies?

This video interview was made in 2004. Elizabeth Warren has not wavered from this position—she is every corrupt corporation’s worst nightmare! She has the policies that will, if we give her a progressive Congress, reverse the neoconservative, trickle-down economics the economic system that, for the past four decades, has been (and still is) redistributing the collective wealth of the working class upward to the already wealthy while suppressing wages.


This is by far the BEST NONPARTISAN video about how to end government corruption and dysfunction in our government ON BOTH SIDES. We ALL need to get behind this. STOP the heated arguments back and forth and join to get this accomplished! Most Americans, right and left, agree to the points in this video:

Catch the Poop-Train to Washington, DC

Many folks have already read or heard about the Alabama poop train, but the whole story hasn’t been told until now and it tracks stinkingly directly to the White House. The level of corruption in our highest positions of government is truly astonishing. Who would have ever thought that our nation’s leadership would have come to this?

Watch at least this first segment of Rachel Maddow’s exposé.



This video clip is probably my favorite political statement of all. It’s time, even more so than any other time, to make it go viral:


The Debate in Full:


As far as I am concerned, it is clear that the DNC has rigged the Democratic Debates in favor of Hillary Clinton.

How could the DNC rig the contest?

The best way to minimize the possibility that anyone other than Clinton will win the nomination is to insure that the other candidates do not get wide exposure.

Why would the DNC rig the contest?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, chairwoman of the DNC, was co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for the Democratic Nomination in 2008. No small part of the reason she failed was that Wasserman-Schultz secretly pledged her support for Obama once the nomination of Obama was in the bag. Thus, there is evidence of sabotage of the Clinton 2008 campaign. Therefore she is certainly capable of subterfuge.

Clinton has universal name recognition. Neither Sanders nor O’Malley have. Therefore, she has sabotaged Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley’s chances by insuring that they do not get the exposure necessary for all voters to know them and their views.

The circumstantial evidence is compelling:

In order to ensure low numbers of watchers for a debate is to schedule it on a Friday night or a Saturday night–especially opposite a big football game. The DNC certainly knows this.

The DNC has its pundits on the corporate media give Sanders and O’Malley much less exposure/mention than Clinton and they virtually always assume she will be the nominee.

Media coverage of the candidates

As well, the corporate media has a vested interest especially in marginalizing Bernie Sanders. Sanders is intent on eliminating corporate control of Congress by campaign finance reform (publicly financed campaigns and reversing, by legislation, the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, thereby blowing up the money pipeline that runs from Wall Street to congressional pockets.

Were Sanders to be successful (and, as president, he would take the issue to the American public if Congress balks), then the corporate media would stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign attack ads. (Now, wouldn’t that just make you cry for them?)

Therefore, the only way the public has a shot at snatching our republic from the jaws of Oligarchy/corporatocracy and bring about a virtually just social and political system in America, is for all people of integrity to network and blog Sander’s message everywhere possible. We can expect no help from the media or the DNC. We need to join the political revolution and make America feel the Bern!

— Max T. Furr is author of The Empathy Imperative, a novel that features a trial of God in an ethereal courtroom where He is charged with creating evil, willful and harmful negligence, and with terrorism. His interrogators are a professor of evolutionary biology and a professor of psychology.

Who is the Judge, who is on the jury, and what will be the verdict?


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